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Colours professional painters should use to create a productive office space.

Professional Painters tips Research observing the value of choosing the correct colour for a dynamic working environment has grown significantly in recent times. Moreover, an increasing number of Australians now work from home in some capacity and the home office has become a common fe...

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3 Paint Colours That Will Add Value To Your Home

House Painter Sydney Tips If you go to any hardware or paint store in Australia today you’ll now be exposed to a huge range of paint colours to choose from. Of course, the spectrum of choice can make things increasingly difficult for many home owners when attempting to choose a colour ...

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Which 3 rooms should you prioritise to paint before selling your home?

Numerous home improvement TV shows, websites and magazines will at some stage produce a featurette on the rooms you should fix up before selling your home. Although few agree exactly on which spaces are most important, here’s 3 rooms we recommend you prioritise to paint before selling ...

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3 Things you should consider before painting your home

Painting your home can sometimes feel like a huge decision that can have significant repercussions if you get things wrong. However, it doesn’t have to be such a precarious time if you carefully assess what is best for both your home and you. Here’s 3 things you should consider before ...

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3 Easy ways to add value to your home using a new coat of paint

There are of course, numerous ways to add value to your home. However, the benefits of a new coat of paint to your property can be easily overlooked and underestimated. Here’s 3 easy ways in which you can quickly value to your home using a new coat of paint: 1. Use modern, neutral colo...

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The Best Colours To Use When Painting Your Child’s Room

Painting your child’s room is similar to painting other rooms in your home. A few things to consider include the kind of atmosphere you would like to create in your child’s room as well as the kind of moods the colours might elicit in the child. Some of the best colours to use in your ...

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Common Design Patterns in Newly Painted Homes

Modern interior painting techniques have managed to create a cutting edge trend when it comes to the housing industry. A crisp, contemporary setting with a high appeal in the market can be created with the use of contemporary painting design patterns. The common design patterns employe...

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Repainting Your Store? Consider These Factors Before Deciding On a Colour

Repainting your store might be necessary when the colour is chipping off or when you want to give your store a new look. There are a number of factors one should consider before deciding on the paint colour for your store, which can include things such as your store’s function, the kin...

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The Best Colours To Choose When Painting Your Restaurant

Painting your interior can be a daunting task if you are not good at coordinating colours, or are not sure of which colours work best with other fixtures in your interior. With the home, it can always be worked out by using a colour wheel, but what about a restaurant? What makes painti...

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What Information To Prepare When Getting a Painting Quote

There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration before any painting job is done. When you need to get a painting quote, you would do well to prepare some information beforehand in order to obtain a rough estimate of how much it will cost. This will be very benefic...

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