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Painters and Decorators: Delivering Professional Results

By engaging the professional painting services of J&E Kogan, you can be assured of quality workmanship: completed as contracted, on schedule and as quoted. There are no hidden charges when dealing with Kogan’s. If by any chance you are not completely satisfied with the result, we will return to the job. We pride ourselves on our exacting standards and proudly call ourselves painting perfectionists.

Once given the green light we handle everything, from arranging scaffolding to purchasing suitable materials. Based on your property’s location and the degree of exposure to the elements, we will select the most suitable approach for the job. We only use the finest quality paints including known brands such as Dulux, Bristol, Taubmans, Porter’s and Murobond. Our formidable size has facilitated significant deals with suppliers: savings which are passed directly onto our clients.

For those who need help selecting appropriate colour schemes, we’re happy to guide you in the right direction.

As painters and decorators we service:

Residential Properties

We paint and decorate all domestic properties from luxury homes and heritage-listed properties through to terraces, bungalows and apartments. If it’s just the interior or the exterior, one wall or an entire floor, we’re happy to service your house painting requirements with a minimum of fuss to you.

Strata Properties

For a body corporate we offer competitive pricing backed by a quality guarantee. To minimise the inconvenience to your tenants, we will notify all apartment owners of the start and completion dates and the scope of work. For over 35 years, many body corporations and strata managers have engaged the services of Kogan’s. Therefore
we understand your particular needs and have stream-lined the painting process, to ensure a hassle-free service.

Rental and For Sale Properties

For real estate agents who require immediate service, we have staff ready to paint rental and for-sale properties in time for inspection.

Corporate Offices, Retail Premises, Pubs, Bars and Restaurants.

To Business owners we offer weekend and night service to avoid any disruption to your business and trading hours.


For School Principals we offer painting services to coincide with school holidays to minimise inconvenience to students and teachers.

Our painters are also skilled with decorative effects such as French wash, ragging, distemper (Porter’s method), lime wash, suede effect and render effects. Other painting services we offer include timber staining and varnishing: working on interior wooden staircases, window and door frames and exterior woodwork and timber decking. We also have on staff specialists in wall papering.

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