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Top Picks of 2020 : Bold New Colour Trends to Liven Up your Home

With summer now in full swing, this is one of the best times of the year to think about freshening your home up with a new coat of paint!  Whether you want to make the outside sparkle like new for the neighbours or dress up the interior for your own comfort and enjoyment, whether you work with professional Sydney painters or have the skill to go it alone, this is the time to do it!

It would be easy to stick with the tried and true colours.  And they still might be the best bet, especially if you’re looking to sell the home in the next year or so.  But maybe you’re one of those trendy people who want to bring a splash of colour in with latest fashions.  And maybe you just want to bring more life and character into your home for yourself, get creative and use your home as a canvas to reflect your personal tastes.  If that’s your game, here are some tips for the hottest colour fashions of 2020!

1. Vibrant Yellow!

2020 brings with it some bold new tastes, great for those looking to make a statement.  A bright, vibrant yellow is on the top of the list for the year.  This brings fresh energy into any room, making it feel more alive and active.  Try this on a feature wall, using a neutral off-white on the surrounding walls.  It’s ideal for surrounding an oversized bay window or framing a large sofa in the living room.  This is also a great colour for the sitting room or kitchen.

2. Chilli Red

Just like with the vibrant yellow, our #2 on the list is better when showcased on an interior feature wall.  Chilli red brings energy and bang! into any room.  This is ideal around a fireplace or behind lighter-toned furniture.  Once again, it’s best to surround it with more neutral colours to take the edge off, but you’d be amazed at how much oomph it can bring to a room when done right.  A really good commercial painter or office painter can even help you to do this with your professional building and massively increase the impact of your office or sales room.

3. Green Light Special

Finally we get to a colour that can work just as well on the exterior as the interior.  There are loads of shades to work with in green.  Inside your home, you may wish to try a lime green, especially if you want to bring more life into a room with less lighting than you’d like.  For the exterior, consider an olive green.  By combining it with a semi-gloss white, you can freshen up the exterior while still keeping it smooth on the eye.  For some great tips about how to use green to spark of your home, just check with your #1 painter in Sydney.

4. Charcoal

Ok, I know this might not seem as impressive as our previous choices, but just darken the standard grey a bit and you get a bold charcoal colour that’s perfect for accents and highlights.  And, if you’d like to use it inside the home, charcoal makes a great border colour for pales blues, off-whites, or olive greens.  This colour is soothing, and, depending on the shade, can open up the room or create a sense of coziness.  Add a graphic design or some contrasting décor, and you’ve got a touch of class.

These are just a few of the colours that have been topping the trends, but the best thing about a new coat of paint in your home is that it’s your home.  What colours really strike your fancy?  What do you want to see on your walls, inside and out?  If you want some tips, feel free to reach out.  At J&E Kogan, we have the experience to know what works and to make it happen right.  Contact us if you want to know more.

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