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3 Easy ways to add value to your home using a new coat of paint

There are of course, numerous ways to add value to your home. However, the benefits of a new coat of paint to your property can be easily overlooked and underestimated. Here’s 3 easy ways in which you can quickly value to your home using a new coat of paint:

1. Use modern, neutral colours in key rooms such as kitchens, lounges and bedrooms

It’s easy to assume that adding value to a home requires expensive new fittings and fancy features. However, by choosing neutral colours you can ensure that potential buyers or renters will be undeterred and will be more likely to value your home at a higher premium. After all, the last thing a potential buyer wants to consider is the cost of repainting your ‘wild plum’ master bedroom or your ‘marine magic’ lounge!

2. Use a professional residential painter

In an era of TV-saturating DIY shows the complexities of undertaking our own handiwork have been significantly oversimplified. It may seem a straightforward idea to try and cut costs by doing the job yourself but potential buyers can be significantly deterred by poor quality paint jobs – which may prompt further questions and concerns about the overall condition of your property. Using a professional painter can often seem like an expensive choice in the short-term but always remember that it could be worth $1,000s to you in the long-term.

3. Use strata painting services for your exterior walls

The first impression a potential buyer forms will be derived from the appearance of your home’s exterior. Strata painting services will enable you to develop aesthetically pleasing exteriors that are not only expensive-looking but durable – saving you (and a potential buyer) considerable money in the long-term.

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