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3 Paint Colours That Will Add Value To Your Home

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If you go to any hardware or paint store in Australia today you’ll now be exposed to a huge range of paint colours to choose from. Of course, the spectrum of choice can make things increasingly difficult for many home owners when attempting to choose a colour scheme that actually works. Luckily, we’ve done a little research and so here’s 3 paint colours that could add value to your home:

1. Creamy yellows
Instead of going for whites and off-whites, creamy yellows can still act as perfectly neutral backdrops that will not deter potential buyers. Moreover, creamy yellows will appear refreshing, warm and will complement most rooms and styles effortlessly. Creamy or light yellows can be an excellent option for kitchens in particular and remain contemporary options.

2. Light greens
In an era of imposing apartment blocks and growing suburban sprawls, light greens are becoming increasingly popular with many home owners. Lighter greens, such as khaki, can leave your home feeling natural and organic and will also provide an element of warmth too.

3. Light greys
Greys are often unfairly assumed to be dull or unexciting colours but if the right tone is selected they can add a degree of sophistication to a particular room or space. It’s important here to add that greys won’t necessarily work for every room in your home but matched with the right décor they can make a living room feel surprisingly modern, chic and not as clinical as many would first assume.

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