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3 paint colours you should never use too much of in your home

There are of course, numerous ways to add value to your home. However, unfortunately there’s a few easy ways to decrease its value too and paint colours can be a surprising factor in that process. Here’s 3 colours you should never use too much of in your home (unless you’re planning to stay in it forever!):

  1. Whites and beiges

It’s important to note that whites and beiges can be a good choice for the right home. However, too much white or beige can make a home feel sterile and clinical and devoid of any real character or personality. In the right rooms, whites can be excellent but moderation is often the key. The additional effort of keeping whites clean is a factor worth considering too.

  1. Light pinks or lilacs

Regardless of the subjective nature of personal taste on pinks and lilacs, they can also feel dated and do not always compliment modern homes in particular. Unless they are specific to a particular room or space, avoid using them throughout your home and especially in key area such as living rooms or kitchens.

  1. Brilliant yellows

Lemons and light yellows can be excellent choices for many homes as they offer a sense of refreshing relaxation. However, bold or brilliant yellows – as exciting and tantalising as they may seem in the colour charts – will often be overwhelming for most spaces and even stressful according to studies on paint colour choices. Avoid at all costs!

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