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3 paint colours you should use to create a perfect beachside feel in your Home

Most Australians often dream of owning a beachside apartment or a house with stunning sea views. However, regardless as to whether you live in Sydney’s eastern suburbs or not, it’s still possible to achieve that classic beachside feel with the right choice of paint colours. Here are 3 of the better options:

1. Pale turquoises and ocean blues

It’s a bit of a giveaway of course, but generally speaking, any colour tone that contains the word ‘sea’, ‘ocean’ or ‘tidal’ is probably going to help conjure images of a pretty Bondi apartment or a chic Manly condo looking onto an amazing oceanic vista. Balanced with the right décor and touches of white, it can be surprisingly easy to acquire that awesome beachside feel!

2. Pastel yellows and ‘sunshine’ colours

Similar to our recommendation on blues, the names most paint manufacturers use for colours are a dead giveaway for the types of emotions, images and feelings they’re trying to encapsulate. Yellows are no exception in this regard and pastel colours in particular can provide the quintessential beachside backdrop. Oranges and pinks may work too of course but yellows are a clear favourite for most.

3. Brilliant white!

This one may surprise a few but brilliant whites can provide a more modern interpretation of that beachside feel you may be searching for. Coupled with touches of pale blue and using some subtle beachside or nautical paraphernalia in the right places, white can work surprisingly well without being overly clinical.

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