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3 paint colours you should use to create a perfect rustic feel in your home

A perfect rustic feel kitchen residential interior painting
For those in search of creating the aura of a country retreat or forest cabin, paint colours will play a significant role in helping you achieve that warm, cosy look.

Here’s 3 paint colours that will help you achieve it:

1. Browns

Natural, earthy colours will help you achieve a rustic feel in no time at all. However, it’s always important to take in the style and size of your home before using browns, especially as darker tones can make a house with smaller rooms feel claustrophobic. British Paints have a range of good choices that will help you get that country look, so for starters, try: “Rocky Hideaway”, “Timber Loft” or “Rich Soil” (remember that the clue is often in the paint colour name!).

2. Autumnal reds

Although you should be naturally cautious with the use of bold and rich colours, autumnal reds are a perfect fit for many rustic homes that have intimate and cosy spaces. The correct lighting (including stoves or fireplaces) can significantly enhance autumnal reds and will provide a feeling of warmth especially during winter. The interestingly named ‘Devil’s Cloak’ is potentially a perfect fit for achieving this feel.

3. Rich Greens

Greens that have depth like “Green Seed”, “Forest Scene” or the even the greyer “Norway Spruce” are all excellent colours that can offer an organic and relaxing feel to your home. A further advantage of using greens is that they will compliment timber and wood finishes too and will feel refreshing during the hotter months of summer.

If you don’t want to do it all yourself, call a residential painter to get the job done right.

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