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3 Things you should consider before painting your home

Painting your home can sometimes feel like a huge decision that can have significant repercussions if you get things wrong. However, it doesn’t have to be such a precarious time if you carefully assess what is best for both your home and you. Here’s 3 things you should consider before painting your home:

  1. Choose colours that match the style of your home

The style of your home is an important factor to consider when selecting a colour scheme. If you’re lucky enough to own a beachside apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs then the chances are you shouldn’t be choosing dark greys and chocolate browns. Similarly, pastel colours will probably not compliment an old country retreat in the hills. So remember, do your research on what colour schemes are best fit for your style of home!

  1. Neutral is ok… in moderation

Whites and neutral tones can often appeal to a prospective buyer and it’s well known that garish colours can be hugely off-putting (so only be incredibly bold if you’re planning to stay there for foreseeable future!). However, too much white and neutrality in a colour scheme may leave you with a home that lacks personality and feels overly clinical. Bright and interesting colour tones can be a good thing!

  1. Costs versus quality and time

Using a residential painter will cost you more than a painting DIY job. However, remember that the quality of the job and the time you’ll save (not to mention the stress!) can often be beneficial in the long run. It is also far more likely that your home will look – and even feel – better after a high quality paint job!

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