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3 Top Tips for Choosing A Strata Painter Sydney

Strata painter in Sydney

Strata painting offers its own unique set of challenges. These projects are much larger than the residential painter variety, and many painting companies lack the necessary experience, equipment, and teams. There are many people involved, and these projects require dedicated and experienced project managers, in addition to a solid network of access companies to support the specific needs for your site.
When it’s time for you to take on a strata painting project, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Do Your Homework 

Each project has its own unique requirements. The scale of one strata painter can be dramatically different from another. For each, it takes an experienced painting company to be aware of the Australian standards and perform the work in compliance with them. Often, strata painting requires a variety of support services including waterproofing and scaffolding. Taken together, this means that there are quite a few variables to consider before giving your endeavour the green light.
It’s best to keep a few things in mind. First, organisation is key if you’d like to complete your project on schedule. The first step is to research other strata painting projects. Explore design choices, look into the companies used for each, and find some that are appealing. You may also want to take a few photos and collect some notes on your ideas so that you can provide the painter a clear idea of what you have in mind.

2. Shop Around – And Give Yourself the Time to Do It

Before beginning, you’ll want to get quotes. This is an essential part of the project, and you’ll want to factor it into your scheduling. Getting quotes takes some time, and it is just one of the many pieces that has to be fit into the overall project. Plus, you won’t want to go with the first or the cheapest, so this phase may take a bit longer than you expect. The Sydney painter will need a clear understanding of your project and its specific needs, so the research you do beforehand will help to set comprehensive guidelines and avoid miscommunication.

3. Remember that Quality is Key

You can find quite a few cheap strata painters, however, in the painting world you tend to get what you pay for. You’ll want the work to last and the provider to be both qualified and experienced so that you can avoid unexpected delays and costly repair. This is especially important in strata jobs. To do them right, you’ll need quality providers.

When collecting your quotes, keep in mind that the detail of the quote will give you an idea of the service the provider can offer. Look at what’s included in their service. Ask plenty of questions and check out testimonials on their previous projects. Before selecting a contractor, you’ll want to see some examples of their previous work so that you know what you’re signing up for. You want a company that can deliver both in terms of quality and customer service. Make sure that you have all the information before signing the deal.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before selecting a Sydney Painter:

You’ll want to make sure that your painter can manage the project well, capable of completing the project on time and within your budget. They should understand the microclimates of Sydney so that they can choose the products best suited to your region. Also, an experienced contractor will offer a free site inspection before providing a quote, ensuring that they factor in all of the specific requirements of your project. The company you choose must provide you with a warranty on the works undertaken.

Remember that your provider should have all necessary insurance and be well versed in Australian standards. You should also be provided a full written quote, one which addresses every element of the project. This will give you what you need to present the quote to your owners or the members of your committee and make knowledgeable comparisons.

If you have any more questions about strata painting services and the details involved, feel free to contact us today. We use only the best products suited to each specific job individually, and we will arrange a free site inspection from a representative from the paint manufacturer and a site specific (not generic) specification from the manufacturers themselves.

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