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5 painting ideas to breathe new life into your commercial building

Commercial buildings need painting on a regular basis to keep them looking good. There is nothing more uninviting than neglected buildings. It creates a poor environment for tenants and discourages people from visiting the businesses within.

A Sydney painter that specialises in commercial buildings can help with sound advice. Talking to a residential painter may not be the best thing to do. They may not understand what it takes to paint your commercial building to get the result you expect.

Here are five painting ideas to breathe new life into your commercial building

Keep the colours neutral

Most commercial buildings are larger than houses, so you need to consider the colours you use. Neutral colours can work better for large commercial properties. They tend to look better for longer and are easier to maintain than bright colours.

Neutral colours are also good for buildings that have signs and logos on them. It helps them stand out. These colours help them blend into their surroundings and a professional, business look and feel. Talk to your office painter for good advice.

Consider the environmental surroundings of the building

Consider the surroundings the building is set in. When it is part of a business park there may be rules you need to follow. If in a smaller space, darker colours can make it stand out and easier to find.

Think about the environment around the building. Is it set in a concrete jungle of a city with hundreds of big commercial buildings in the area? Or, is it surrounded with green vegetation and landscaping? What are the colours of the other buildings in the area? What about the walkways and driveways, will your colour choice complement these or clash? The last thing you want is your building to look out of place in its environment. And, heritage buildings will need to adhere to colour guidelines of the era.

Building style and construction

Choose paint colours to suit the style and construction of your commercial building. A modern structure may look better painted in darker colour, but a heritage building will limit you to heritage colours. And, wood, brick and concrete buildings will all need different types of paint to do the job.

Keep the services of the tenants in mind

It is important to keep in mind the services of the tenant in mind. The paint colours should reflect the industry and services of the businesses operating from the building. A café or toy store may get away with bright colours, but his will not work for a bank or solicitor’s office.

Ask a commercial painter in Sydney for advice

Ask a commercial painter in Sydney for advice. They work in the area and have the best insight. Ask them about colour choices, for outside and the interior of your building.

Also ask them lots of other questions about how they will do the job. While getting a quote is a great start ask the other things:

  • How long will it take and can the work be done without disrupting the business?
  • Can you give the addresses and references of other commercial jobs completed?
  • Is your business licenced and does it have insurance?

Contact commercial painting companies for help to breathe new life into your commercial building.

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