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5 Steps to Making Sure Your Strata Painting is Done Right

Any time you’re dealing with a large building – or even several of them – strata building comes into play.  Strata painting is a complex process that takes a multi-storey building from its initial worn, grimy state, cleans the outside, prepares the building for a new coat, and then coats it fully, top to bottom, and finishing with trim.  When you hire professional Sydney painting contractors for your strata job, you’ll make sure that both the interior and exterior of your properties are in top condition.

The simple truth of it is that regular painting is a necessity.  When your building is well-maintained, it shows that your company is solid, dependable, and capable.  And painting takes time and money.  If you just work with the cheapest contractor, you’ll find that you get what you pay for.  A simple Google search will show list after list of strata painters in your area.  How do you know you’re getting the right contractor for your job?

Here are just a few tips to help you find the right contractor and keep the job on track:

1. Look into Their Credentials

Before you decide upon a contractor, you’ll want to have done your due diligence.  Can they do your job well?  Can they do it safely?  You want a contractor dedicated to high-quality work, done safely and with little to no impact on the environment.  To see if you’re on the right track, look into a contractor’s technical skills, certifications.  Also find out about their equipment and facilities, as well as the experience they have with industrial painting jobs.

2. What’s their reputation like?

You want to know that your contractor will work with you, valuing your job and your role as a customer.  If you look on the website or social media page, most experienced contractor will offer testimonials from previous customers.  You can also ask around others in the industry, to narrow your search or see if others have worked with a specific contractor before.  The more you shop around in the beginning, the more smoothly the job will go.

3. Put in a call to professional trade organisations.

If a contractor has been in business professionally for any length of time, they’ll belong to at last one, maybe several, trade organisations.  If you’re wondering who to call, consider the Accredited Painters or the Painting Contractors Certification Program.  Some other popular trade organisations for painting are Dulux, the Painters Registration Board, and the Master Painters Association.  If you find that a given contractor is not a member of a trade organisation, that’s a pretty big flag and you should proceed with caution.

4. Who’s in Charge?

Once you’ve chosen your commercial painter, it’s all about making sure the job is done right.  When something goes wrong or if there’s a change of plan, who do you speak to about it?  One way or another, you’ll need to know who leads the project.  For extremely large projects, it’s helpful to set up an organisational flowchart showing the chain of command and responsibility.  Make sure to include names and titles.  The goal here is to keep lines of communication open and efficient.

5. Speak up!

There’s a lot to be said for avoiding micromanagement.  But in the end, this is your job, your building, and you’re the one that will live with the outcome.  So if things aren’t going to expectation early on, it’s best to say something when you see it.  Make sure your expectations are known from the start, in as much detail as you can share.  Make sure to check the job when it’s in progress.  When you’re onsite, you may see something that you hadn’t planned for originally.  Long story short, if you’re clear from the beginning, the job will be done the way you want it the first time around.

If you have any questions about strata painting or you’d like to discuss the specifics of your job, contact us.  At J&E Kogan, we treat every customer like they’re our only customer.

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