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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Strata Painting Colours

A building’s paint colours do more than just please the eye, they can actually improve sales and interactions. Beyond retailers or service providers, though, a painting scheme can also boost people’s perception of your units.

This leads to happier tenants, shared owners, and other partners. But there are many hurdles to jump over before reaching an agreed-upon scheme for a complex. A strata painting budget is just one bump in the road to choosing the right strata painting colours.

With a plethora of challenges along the way, what are the best suggestions to follow before making a choice? Luckily, picking an optimal colour scheme is far from an impossible task. Read ahead for 5 excellent tips on improving the strata painting process.

1. Consider All of Your Strata Components

A project involving strata painting is more of a makeover than anything else. This is because the process usually calls for a colour change for both the interior and exterior. Owners have to respect the rules for the complex and take many variables into account.

Those that impact the overall outcome include some of the following points:

  • Lighting
  • Skirting
  • Architraves
  • Neutral vs powerful colours
  • Priorities for exterior and interior
  • Shared property like stairways and hallways

2. Differences Between Interior and Exterior

Interior and exterior design vary greatly. And, because a strata painting job is more like a makeover, it’s important to assess both as separate projects.

For interior choices, consider how each space is used by groups of people. These see lots of traffic and should be considered in the paint colour choice.

Exterior design is a bit more complex. The first variables to look at are a strata complex’s surroundings. This would be neighbouring buildings and infrastructure.

You can’t copy other buildings exactly, but you shouldn’t choose colours that create a strong contrast. Find a middle point.

3. Impact of Strata Painting Colours

It’s worth noting, before anything else, that interior cosmetic work is permitted without an owners corporation approval. Common property, though, requires an agreement between all involved parties.

Interior colours should be bright and powerful. This gives off the impression that an area is larger than it really is.

Exterior choices should stick with the standard commercial building colours. These are generally neutral and don’t feel overbearing to look at.

4. Strata Paint Plan

Disorganization during a strata painting service is beyond common. Before contacting professionals, set a project for the plan. This should include a paint purchase date, along with other materials to consider, and a finishing date.

5. Always Prioritize Quality

Whether you have a tight strata painting budget, or not, you should always prioritize quality. This means investing the most in variables that matter for you and fellow owners.

Don’t, for example, spend large amounts on the hallways if they already look decent. Instead, set aside a hefty sum for areas that need more attention.

Avoid, if possible, the cheaper alternatives for both the professional painting service and the materials they need. This is possible with a well-organized budget.

Make a Visual Impact With Strata Painting

If you’re considering going ahead with the strata painting colours selection process, these suggestions should make it straightforward. Most of the challenge involves considering the variables involved and which colours would work in each context.

You can’t forget, however, to map out a plan and ensure you’re on the same page with the professionals you might hire and the people involved with your strata. And, of course, your number one priority should be a strong focus on quality.

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