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5 Tips to Follow When Choosing Residential Painters in Sydney

Whether it is a quick touch up in a single room or a massive project across the whole house, house painting is more complex than it looks. To get the best job done right, you need to look for great professional residential painters.

The last thing you want when hiring for a home painting project is to hire the wrong kind of professionals. Figuring out what makes a bad painting professional and a great painting professional means knowing what to look for.

Let’s help you break it down with 5 of the best tips for finding great residential painters in your area.

1. Never Settle for the First Painters You Meet

It can be tempting to hire the first set of residential painters you find and get the job over with. You might get lucky but is that the gamble you want to take?

Don’t guess whether a painting service is right for you. Talk with them and get all the information from them as you can. Shop around and compare your choices to see which painting service comes out ahead.

2. Get a Consultation and a Quote

Never trust a professional service that does not talk with you and estimate their prices before you hire them. Consultations and quotes are a vital element in working with any contractor.

Focus on residential painters that are eager to come over and look at your home in person. If they talk you through their processes and point out items that can use some improvement, you know you are working with professionals.

3. Check Over Their Licenses and Experience

No professional painter should be getting your money if they do not have the right licenses to work. There are particular licenses that not only showcase that a contractor has the skills to do their job, but also helps insure you in case a job goes wrong.

No quality professional will be shy about showcasing their certificates and licenses, so make sure to ask for them upfront.

4. Look for Testimonials

The best sign of quality service is a satisfied customer. Testimonials are a strong way to judge a painter’s service. When you can see real people’s reactions to their work, it can give you a lot more confidence that you are hiring the right residential painters.

These testimonials should be on the painter’s website or from trusted service review pages. Talking with your neighbours on their recommendations can also bring up some options you may miss otherwise.

5. Know What You Want and What They Recommend

Going into a project without knowing what you want is a good way to find disappointment. It doesn’t matter the quality of the painting service if the colour or style doesn’t match what was in your head. Do some research on what you are looking for to help guide your choices.

When you have an idea of what you want, discuss it with your prospective painters. If they are eager to work with you to refine your choices and make them work, then you have a professional that you can trust to get the job done your way.

Finding the Best Residential Painters in Sydney

When you need quality for your home, don’t cut corners. These 5 tips will help you weed out the less professional residential painters that will leave you with a poor painting job.

When you are ready to find the best residential painters in Sydney, look no further than our experienced crew at J&E Kogan. Request your quote today!

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