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6 of 2022’s Biggest Exterior Paint Colour Trends

Benjamin Moore recently announced a delicate sage green the colour of 2022. Earthy tones of straw, burnt sienna, and umber were all over the runways at Fashion Week. Colour trends often work themselves into every design aspect, including residential exteriors.

Are you considering hiring a painting company to upgrade your exterior this year? Get inspired by these trendy shades before you call up the residential painters!

1. Creams and Whites

Bright white exteriors have long been popular, but there’s a new warmer tone on the scene. Delicate creams and warm whites are this year’s breakout shades. If you want that clean look without the harshness of bright white, choose a colour that has soft green undertones.

2. Earthy Neutrals

The warmth continues into the neutrals category as earthy tones become popular again. Organic shades like terracotta and chocolate browns mimic natural colours in the environment. They can showcase your home without distracting from the surrounding landscaping.

3. Black or Charcoal

The all-black exterior is one of the biggest Pinterest trends of 2022! Deep, rich black tones look stunning surrounded by natural greenery. They add a luxurious modern feel to traditional houses and a clean look to newly built homes.

If an all-black exterior is a terrifying thought, try using this deep hue as an accent colour. It can look stunning on doors, shutters, and window panes. Or opt for a warm charcoal colour if you don’t want to commit to black!

4. Shades of Green

Professional painters know that any shade of green can take your home in 2022. This traditional colour gets a modern upgrade with grey and cream undertones. Seaside-inspired blue-greens, muted olives, and deep forest shades are trending this year.

5. Sunny Yellow

Sunny yellow is a perfect choice to stand out and spread a little joy! But check for any neighbourhood regulations before you hire painters to splash this bright tone on your exterior. This happy shade is not a colour that easily blends in!

Opt for soft, buttery yellows or deep, golden tones for a more conservative look. These shades deliver the same trendy modernity while keeping the neighbours happy.

6. Contrasting Shades

Contrasting colour combinations are poised to become one of the biggest trends this year. Black and white is the most common version of the new look. Homeowners love it because the contrast can highlight the architecture in a fresh and exciting way.

Try a warm-toned white door against an all-black facade for a reverse colour combination. A more traditional option might be soft yellow accents paired with a navy blue exterior. Play with colour combinations to find your perfect pair.

Hire a Residential Painter for an Exterior Makeover

Whether you want to keep things muted with creams or stand out with canary yellow, residential painters can make your dreams come true. But choosing your home’s exterior colour is a significant decision. Take the time to gather inspiring images and study which colours work with your environment.

If you need help making decisions, we’re here for you! J&E Kogan Painting Contractors are your expert local painting service. Get your free quote here.

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