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8 Qualities of a Great Roof Painter

Unless it’s dripping rainwater onto your brand-new carpet, the quality of your roof tends to go unnoticed…

When last did you give your roof’s appearance any thought?

Whether you’re boosting the resale value of your home or keeping it looking fresh and welcoming, finding the perfect painter for your roof repainting is worth investing some time in.

Look for these 8 qualities to ensure you’re happy with the outcome.

1. Punctual And Courteous

Reliable roof painters are punctual. They are polite and courteous and do their best to keep out your way as you go about your day-to-day life. 

Most painters find new clients through word-of-mouth, so it’s important for them to be respectful of their client’s wishes and expectations. 

2. Experienced and Competent

Having the correct tools (and knowing how to use them) is essential for a good paint job. A professional roof painter must be able to:

  1. use a roller, paintbrush, and spray gun 
  2. correctly prepare various roof surfaces
  3. replace or repair sidings 
  4. do necessary plastering or masonry

3. Quick Worker

Hearing footsteps on your roof isn’t the most enjoyable thing, so it’s nice when your roof painter can be speedy.

Working quickly doesn’t always mean lower quality – experienced painters know the tools, techniques, and tricks for painting your roof efficiently. This saves you labour costs and makes sure your home is in tip-top shape as soon as manageable.

4. Clear Communicator 

Your roof is the crown of your home. A good painter understands this and will communicate with you clearly to learn your wants and expectations. They will be clear about the expected timeline, costs, and requirements. Experienced painters will give reliable painting quotes and be upfront about any potential added costs. 

If you have any questions or concerns, it should be easy for you to bring them up with your painter and have them explain to your satisfaction.

5. Committed and Honest 

A good roof painter has the ability to be honest with you. A painter knows when they aren’t able to complete a project due to time or budget constraints, lacking a certain technique, or not having the tools to best meet your needs.

Most painters who can’t help you will refer you to someone else who can.

6. Meticulous 

You can’t hide a badly painted roof with strategic artwork or plants – the mistakes are there for the whole world to see. A good roof painter is a meticulous perfectionist that doesn’t settle for anything but the highest quality paint job. 

Your painter should be using products that guarantee great, long-lasting results, and then carefully applying those products to ensure your roof looks good for years. 

7. Tidy

Having a person in and around your home is easier when they clean up after themselves. Good residential painters make sure to keep their tools and equipment tidy while they work. They should also pack away their tools at the end of the day. 

Some painters collaborate with cleaning companies to ensure their clients’ homes are well looked after. 

8. Resourceful

If your painter runs into unexpected bumps in the road (or roof), they should find clever ways around the issue. Resourcefulness means your roof’s paint job doesn’t need to grind to a halt when something pops up. 

Good painters create solutions and ask other professionals for help when they encounter setbacks. 

Finding A Great Roof Painter

If you manage to find a roof painter with these 8 qualities, you’re guaranteed to be happy with the work they do. 

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