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A Fresh Coat: 5 Telling Signs That It’s Time to Repaint a Wall

You’ve probably found yourself spending more time at home recently.

Whether you’re passing the time watching television, making sourdough, or just staring at the wall, odds are you’ve noticed some signs of wear and tear in your home. 

Repainting your walls can change the look and feel of your interior, but painting is a big decision. If you’re hesitant, keep reading to learn about the five signs that it’s time to repaint a wall.

1. Reasons to Repaint a Wall: Cracking Paint

Cracking or flaking paint on the walls is not just an aesthetic eyesore.

Having a compromised paint job on your walls can make small openings for pests to enter your home. Additionally, these cracks can get larger over time and cause extensive damage to your home.

It is better to be safe rather than sorry in this situation (especially when bugs are involved!) Calling professional painters at your first notice of cracking paint can save your home from deterioration and uninvited pest guests. 

2. Fading Paint

The next sign that you should repaint a wall is fading paint colours. Paint can fade over time for many reasons. Here are some examples:

  • Older paint can fade quicker than new paint due to the anti-fade additives included in today’s paints.
  • Extensive sunlight can make for fading paint colours. This is especially noticeable when you take something off of the wall that has been up for some time.
  • Chemicals, such as cleaner or pest control liquids, can help fade paint faster over time.
  • Darker paint colours tend to fade faster than lighter colours.

If you notice any of these issues on your interior paint, it is time to call a painting company.

3. Damaged Walls

Your house is meant to be lived in, so it is completely normal for your walls to show signs of life. Whether it be scratches, scuffs, or forgetting to measure before boldly hammering in the nail, your walls are bound to show some age.

Professional painting services are especially helpful in this instance, as they will fix any issues before repainting the walls. This, in conjunction with proper priming and painting techniques, makes hiring professional painters worth it.

4. Wanting a Change of Scene

Perhaps you don’t resonate with the points above because your interior paint is still perfectly intact. That’s ok! Wanting a change of scene is completely normal, especially while we’re all spending more time at home!

It is scientifically proven that colour can affect your mood and emotions. Green, for example, is known to bring energy and harmony as it is the colour of nature. In contrast, red stimulated passion and excitement.

For example, say you recently had to transfer working from an onsite office to a spare bedroom in your home. You may feel creatively stifled here, and even have trouble producing your work. Painting your walls a colour that inspires you and lifts your mood can be the first step to getting your work-groove back!

Looking for the best interior paint colours for your business? Check out our blog post!

5. Selling Your Home

While you may be eager to pack up and head out, some interior home painting before selling your home can improve the value of your home. 

If your home’s walls are a unique colour, it may benefit you to de-personalise the walls by repainting them back to a neutral colour. This can make it easier for the potential buyer to envision themselves making your house a home.

Paint is Home Decor

The colours and condition of your home’s walls play a huge part in your home’s overall value. If you are ready to repaint a wall and need some professional help, check out our website! We’ve got tips on everything interior paint-related!

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