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How a Feature Wall Can Brighten Up Your Home

A feature wall can brighten up your home by bringing in a new colour trend or drawing attention to a design feature.  It also makes an otherwise dreary wall a new focal point in your home. If you have an … Read more

Effective Ways to Colour Match Your Paint

By using paint companies like Dulux, J&E Kogan can help you tap into a whole new way of matching up colours to make your home look the way that you have always imagined it could be.

Can You Trust Cheap Painting Companies in Sydney?

If a cheap painting company in Sydney offers you a lower price to paint your home than anyone else, there may be a catch. This is why you should never trust cheap painting companies in Sydney. There is an old … Read more

What to Think About When Selecting Paint Colours for Your Home

It’s always exciting to think about repainting your home. That’s because when you decide to repaint your home, the possibilities are endless. This makes the process of picking paint colours a lot of fun. How wonderful is that?

Welcome to the J&E Kogan Painting Blog

Blogging. It’s been something we’ve wanted to do for a while and have finally gotten around to adding it to our website. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming content we’ll be posting to our blog.

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