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8 Qualities of a Great Roof Painter

builder roofer painter worker

Unless it’s dripping rainwater onto your brand-new carpet, the quality of your roof tends to go unnoticed… When last did you give your roof’s appearance any thought? Whether you’re boosting the resale value of your home or keeping it looking fresh and welcoming, … Read more

Top 2021 Strata Painting Trends You Should Know About

Image of Paint and Brush

Colour psychology shows that people’s perception of objects can change drastically depending on the colours it displays. Of course, this plays a role in terms of building paint palettes. There’s also some research that says certain patterns can also alter how someone … Read more

How Many Coats of Paint Does My Wall Need?

Woman applying protective varnish or paint on wooden house tongue and groove cladding elevation wall. House improvement diy concept.

What’s the worst mistake you can make with any painting project? It’s miscalculating how many coats of paint you’ll need. Here’s why. First, the cost of the project depends on how much paint you use. And that depends on the square … Read more

A Sneak Peek at 2022’s Top Paint Colour Trends

Professional painter posing

One of the most important parts of starting a home is choosing the right colour. Nothing can make a place feel like it’s your own, like choosing the right coat of paint.  But which paint colours are going to be in … Read more

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Strata Painting Colours

painter painting a wall with paint roller

A building’s paint colours do more than just please the eye, they can actually improve sales and interactions. Beyond retailers or service providers, though, a painting scheme can also boost people’s perception of your units. This leads to happier tenants, shared … Read more

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