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Common Design Patterns in Newly Painted Homes

Modern interior painting techniques have managed to create a cutting edge trend when it comes to the housing industry. A crisp, contemporary setting with a high appeal in the market can be created with the use of contemporary painting design patterns. The common design patterns employed today make use of glazes, glosses and paints in order to lighten up the confined spaces and to transform the interiors into works of art. New design patterns can be employed by old apartments and houses in order to retain their charm.

Sheen Striping

A sophisticated style is imparted to the modern homes with sheen striping. This involves painting a wall in a colour and then using alternate paint stripes in glosses in order to create a layered effect visually. This pattern can be employed in the dining rooms just above the chair. Pick horizontal stripes for the dining rooms and vertical stripes for stairwells and hallways. While painting bedrooms, make sure to opt for greens, blues and lavenders for creating a serene atmosphere.

Cloud patterns

Painting clouds on the ceiling and walls is quite a fashionable trend these days, especially in the children’s bedroom. All one needs to do is to paint a satin blue paint on the ceilings and walls and let it dry. Semi-gloss satin paint can then be used for cloud creation.


For a decorative finish on painted walls, a glazing liquid can be used for enhancing the textures and colours. A contrasting effect can be created by employing two techniques.

Personalise with the use of special applications and stencils

An innovative wave of modern designs has found a way into the world of painting with the use of stencils. These add personality and pattern to a space. Geometric prints, polka dots, triangles, chevron and herring bones have been trending in the recent years. The motif works well in both transitional and modern interiors. Painting in a creative manner can instantly transform the look of the room from dull to eye-catching.

Blue and sour green patterns

The latest colour trend in recent years is the combination of sour green and blue patterns. This vibrant combination offers a bold and fresh look to the interiors.

Neutral grey

Grey, too, is a colour that is trending today. It can be used to create a perfect base in any room. The combination of dark charcoal doors and soft grey walls can revamp any dull setting and is often used by designers.

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