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Don’t DIY! Why Residential Painters Are Your Best Option

Think you can paint your home all by yourself? Well, don’t rush into anything just yet.

Any mistakes you make when painting your own Sydney house will likely cost more than hiring residential painters in the first place. We want to help you avoid these mistakes with this guide.

Below are the benefits of hiring residential/strata painters in Sydney. This will also help you realise what could go wrong if you attempt a DIY painting project. Before you make up your mind, read this guide to fully understand your options.

Why Residential Painters Are Better In General Than Amateurs

There are a lot of specific benefits of hiring residential painters depending on if you need interior or exterior painting. But, before we get to those, you should know why/how professional painters are better than amateur painters in general.

Basically, their professional training and experience gives them an expansive skill set that DIYers just don’t have. Their expertise includes proper setup, efficient cleanup, colour theory, and more. With such skills, the job gets done faster and very much better.

There will also be little-to-no mistakes made when you hire professional painters. Inexperienced DIYers, on the other hand, will absolutely make lots of mistakes.

We’re not judging. It’s just that mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process when learning how to paint.

But professional painters have already made all the mistakes necessary to learn the skills of their trade. They won’t waste any time getting the job done right the first time.

Why Residential Painters Are Better For Exterior Painting

The number one reason to hire professionals for exterior painting is safety. They’re properly equipped and trained to paint high-up, hard-to-reach spots on your home exterior without any dangerous mishaps.

They also take the proper precautions to protect their eyes and lungs. Large painting jobs are more dangerous than many DIYers realise.

Next, it really is a huge, daunting, difficult job to paint a whole house. The time commitment alone is more than most DIY painters can afford.

That’s not to mention the cost of paint, paint sprayers, drop cloths, and other supplies. All things considered, you may not save any money at all by painting the house yourself.

Why a Residential Painter Is Better For Interior Painting

While painting inside may be less dangerous than painting the exterior, it certainly isn’t less difficult. In a way, it’s actually twice as difficult.

Before you start, you have to clear everything out of the room you’re painting. That’s a big job in and of itself. Afterwards, you’ll have to paint coat after coat of your desired colour on every wall with what little energy you have left.

And what of the end result? How will your DIY paint job look?

For many DIY painters, it ends up looking uneven—lighter here, darker there—with hair and dirt and other little debris permanently peppered throughout. And, often, the colour of the dried paint does not look as they thought it would, clashing with the decor of the room. You’ll certainly be kicking yourself if you only notice these things after you’ve moved all your furniture back in.

Hiring professional painters spares you this misery. And the end result looks perfect.

Hire Residential Painters in Sydney For Your Next Project

So, as we said in the title, don’t DIY! If you have residential painting needs, you should definitely hire a residential painter.

Speaking of which, do you need professional painters in Sydney? Whether you need residential painters, strata painters, or commercial painting contractors, click here to request a quote. Reach out to us on our Contact Us page if you have any questions.

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