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Giving Old Walls New Life: 5 Trending Interior Paint Colours for 2021

Are you looking to spruce up your space with a new splash of colour? It’s easy for your home to feel a bit stale after many years, but some interior painting can help change that. 

The real test is deciding on the right colour. Find out all the latest trending interior paint colours so you can keep your home stylish and feel brand new. 

1. Lighting Up with Yellow

Illuminating Yellow is one of the colours noted for 2021 and can immediately brighten up space. This is a great accent colour for one wall or one room in the house. It can help an area liven up while still maintaining a level of subtly.

When it comes to interior painting, you might want professional interior painting, as there are plenty of areas that can go wrong. When you’re just looking to spruce up one wall, it might be a task you can complete alone, but several rooms might turn out better left to professional interior painting companies.

2. Going Grey

Several shades of grey are coming into fashion this year, from light to dark. If you want to brighten up space without adding so much colour, like light yellow, a lighter grey can go a long way in adding a calm and easy vibe. Grey is a great neutral tone that can easily match decore and create an atmosphere that isn’t overwhelming.

You can go with a darker grey for an accent wall and highlight artwork or your own style against the shade you choose. Grey can go with almost anything, and it can vary between warm and cool as well.

3. Time for Teal

It’s never been easier to go green with so many shades coming into style for interior painting. A lighter teal is a great look in a kitchen, bathroom, or living space. It can be used for accents like cabinets, trim, or even in your decorating ideas.

And if you want to go a little deeper, dark green is also trending right now and can make any space feel more natural and grounded instantly. Green is a versatile option, especially with the more subtle shades in style for interiors right now.

4. Calming Clay

Earth tones have never been more popular, and that’s true with colours for interior painting as well. Clay and terracotta colours can bring a beautiful warmth into your home and go well with reds, browns, greens, and many other colours. It’s hard to go wrong when it looks so good. 

5. Back to Blue

Light blue is here to stay and set up a nest in your home. If you’re feeling inspired by blue skies and bluebirds and blueprints, grab your paintbrushes. Softer blues can lend a calming aesthetic to your home and allow a room to feel more peaceful instantly.

Trending Interior Paint Colours

While the latest trending interior paint colours are excellent in generating ideas, what’s most important is that you find colours you love to brighten up your home. And if you feel like you can’t do the job yourself or want to make sure it looks the best it can, you can find a Sydney painting service that will help you with all your interior painting needs.

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