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How a Feature Wall Can Brighten Up Your Home

A feature wall can brighten up your home by bringing in a new colour trend or drawing attention to a design feature.  It also makes an otherwise dreary wall a new focal point in your home. If you have an architectural element like a fireplace or an oversized bay window, a punch of colour can step it up to the next notch without too much effort.

What this really means is that you don’t have to paint an entire room in a saturated colour that is too overwhelming. Instead, it is easier to just paint one wall in an outstanding colour and then just paint the rest of your home in neutral shades.

Many times, home owners get carried away with saturated paint colours on every wall in a room because they think it will make a statement. It actually has the opposite effect. So what winds up happening is that your home improvement dream of painting a room entirely with a deep colour doesn’t work out the way you thought it would.

A feature wall can brighten up your home because it becomes a focal point that everyone can appreciate. While many homeowners want to paint an entire room in a glossy deep red or purple because they have seen it on a home improvement show, this probably isn’t the way to go.

Instead of painting a whole room with an intense paint colour, many people are finding that by just painting one wall in their home with the colour that they love is enough to be a conversation piece, while not becoming an eyesore.

By leaving the rest of the room painted in a neutral shade that goes with the rest of the house everyone who visits can appreciate your original colour choice. As well, it is much easier to change a feature wall if you pick the wrong colour than it is to repaint an entire room.

The colour experts at J&E Kogan know how to coordinate an extreme colour with the rest of your home décor so that it adds value to your home and coordinates with the rest of the house. So if you are looking at painting your home, a colour scheme from J&E Kogan will be a home improvement that is worth talking about.

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