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How Many Coats of Paint Does My Wall Need?

What’s the worst mistake you can make with any painting project? It’s miscalculating how many coats of paint you’ll need. Here’s why.

First, the cost of the project depends on how much paint you use. And that depends on the square footage of the area to be painted multiplied by the number of coats you need. If you underestimate the required number of coats, it can cost double or even triple the price you expected.

Even worse, you might run out of paint before completing all the necessary coats. And if you get more paint, it may be slightly mismatched. Ultimately, you’ll have to start all over.

We want to make sure these disaster scenarios don’t happen to you. That’s why we’ve written you this guide. It explains exactly how to determine the right number of coats for your wall-painting project.

Before you even purchase your paint, read this guide first.

How Many Coats of Paint Does My Interior Wall Need?

The general rule for painting any wall is to use two coats of paint minimum, after applying primer. However, if you’re repainting and the old colour is the same, one coat may be fine.

How Many Coats of Paint Does My Exterior Wall Need?

Exterior walls need at least two coats. Though, we highly recommend three minimum since exterior walls are exposed to such harsh conditions.

What if the Wall’s the Same Colour?

As mentioned, it’s possible to get by with only one coat over the same colour, no primer required. Still, we recommend the usual two-coat minimum anyway, just to minimise problems.

For instance, the colour might not match as closely as you thought and the two colours look weird when blended. Or, there might be marks or other blemishes on the wall that can’t be fully hidden by a single coat.

Most importantly, you won’t know that a single coat is insufficient until the project is complete. At that point, you’ll have to start over, as described in the article intro. Applying two coats in the first place is the only sure way to safeguard against these scenarios.

What if the Wall’s Darker/Lighter Than the New Paint?

If the new colour is a significantly different shade than the old colour, the general two-coat rule still applies (plus primer). However, there’s no reason to guess when you can just test instead. Test a small, inconspicuous part of the wall to find out what it looks like after one, two, and three coats.

How Many Coats of Paint Does Your Wall Need?

Using this information, you can now determine how many coats of paint you need to paint your wall. Keep this guide bookmarked to help you plan and budget for your next project.

However, we strongly advise that you hire professional painting services to paint your walls. Amateur attempts often result in dangerous or expensive mistakes, not to mention legal trouble. 

To avoid this, trust J & E Kogan Painting for your project. Contact us here to ask us questions or to get a free quote.

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