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How to Choose the Best Interior Paint Colour for Your Business

Did you know that colour can affect a person’s mood, perception, and productivity? That’s why it’s so important to choose wisely when painting your business space.

Unlike the personal preference of choosing a paint colour for your home, colour options for your business should appeal to your target market while boosting productivity among your staff. In this article, we’ll discuss the best interior paint options for your business.

Read on for tips to make paint colour work for you!

The Psychology of Colour

The psychology of colour is simply the study of how colour affects human behaviour, and it has been studied for centuries.

All people don’t react the same way to the same colours, but here are some general rules that we can trust.

White evokes ideas of purity, humility, and innocence. However, in an office setting, white can give the impression of a cold, sterile environment. Consider a beige or pale grey that can be accented with greenery and wall decor.

Red is an energizing and adventurous colour. It’s often used intentionally for “sale” signs in retail stores and in “Buy Now” buttons on websites. While red can boost mood, it can also cause overstimulation and feelings of anxiety.

Orange gives the impression of creativity, fun, and enthusiasm. While an entire orange wall may be too much, a splash of orange as an accent can add a bit of fun to your business image.

Yellow is often used to express happiness, energy, and warm summertime vibes. For businesses focused on children, this is a great choice.

Green evokes a sense of nature, health, and generosity. Green is a great choice for health and fitness businesses and can help create a calm environment.

Blue, like the ocean and sky, gives the impression of peace and tranquillity. Blue is often used to convey trust when used in a business’s warranty label. Blue is a popular choice for offices as it aids in concentration.

Top Colour Options for Your Business

In business, customer perception matters. If a customer perceives your business in a positive light, you’re more likely to have their loyalty and continued business. Conversely, you may never get a second chance to correct a negative perception and win back a customer once lost.

So how can a business convey a positive image to potential customers? Something as simple as the right paint colour can do the trick. A professional painting company can help you choose the perfect colour to convey the right message to your customers and staff.

Commercial painting services recommend shades of blue, yellow, and green to boost productivity in a work environment. Obviously, the primary shades of those colours would be too overpowering. Here are a few, more subtle options.

Most people think of teal as a dark and bold choice, but there are other options. Choose a soft hue that combines blue and green for the ultimate productivity booster.

Butter Yellow
The pastel shade promotes a cheerful attitude and boosts creativity. If you need positive team collaboration, this may be your colour.

Sage Green
This soft shade provides a neutral backdrop on which you could add bolder accents. Sage also promotes a sense of peace and well-being.

Hire Commercial Painters in Sydney

Choosing the perfect colour for your business can be a fun and rewarding process.

Contact us at J & E Kogan for the best professional painting service in Sydney. We can help you narrow down your colour options and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

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