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How to Choose the Right Strata Painter for Your Job

Strata painting is an operation that requires skilled and experienced painters.  After all, you want the exterior of your building to reflect the interior.  You want the value of the building apparent, even at a distance.  This is what a good paint job can do for you.  It shows that your property is in prime condition, whether you’re living there, working there, or looking for prospective buyers.  A skilled, professional strata painter can help you to keep your property pristine and aesthetic.

One thing that you should remember is that painting is a costly endeavour.  It takes time.  And, though you can get an average joe to slap paint on the wall, for big jobs you really need it done right.  Especially for strata painting, where you’re working with elevation.  You don’t want to waste time with someone not suited to the job.  It’s most cost effective and efficient to find the right person from the beginning.  So, how can you find the right strata painter for you?

1. Know who’s in charge.

Why fritter around speaking with middle management or the guys on the ground?  You need to know who makes the operational decisions.  This is the person you need to talk to if you have changes in what you need midway or if problems happen during the painting process.  Make sure, when planning the job that you’re speaking with the person in charge.  A professional company will have a clear chain of command, and the person at the top will be able to enact all changes that are required along the way.  Get names and titles so that you know who’s responsible for each step and so that you have a clear line of communication.

2. Look into a prospective contractor’s credentials.

You wanted a tried and true contractor that has proven their worth with many previous jobs.  Check the out.  Have they shown a commitment to safety?  High-quality work?  Environmentally friendly practices?  Do they have the right certs, qualifications and technical skills?  What have other people said about their strata painters and the work that they have done?  Go for someone with experience and an excellent track record.

3. Look into their connection with trade organisations.

Any contractor with a good reputation will be connected to at least one professional trade organisation, and probably more.  For a start, you can look into the Painting Contractors Certification Program, Dulux and Accredited Painters, the Painters Registration Board, and the Master Painters Association. Reach out to these organisations to find out about your prospective contractor.  If you can’t find any mention of them in in any of these organisations, make sure that they are right for you before finalising the contract.

4. Look into their reputation.

Check out testimonials.  If you can, contact some of the people that the company has worked with before to hear about their experience with this contractor.  You want to know that they have a good reputation and that they run their business ethically.  Make sure to get more than just one reference so that you have a rounded view of the company’s skill and worth.  Remember, you want a strata painter that knows their stuff.  Choose right, and your building’s exterior won’t need more attention for years to come.

5.  Communication!

Let the contractor know what you need and what you expect.  The company you contract is responsible for quality.  You are responsible for the scope of the job  Know what you want and make sure to express that clearly, in unquestionable terms.  Though they are doing the job, you are acting as facilitator in this process. Do you need cracks fixed prior to painting?  Uneven paint jobs smoothed out?  Let the contractor know so that they can shape their efforts to your needs.  Or, if you aren’t confident that they can do the job, go with another contractor.  If you want the job done right, you have to communicate what you want from the contractor.

The first step in hiring a strata painter is evaluating the contractor.  One key consideration is, are they local? When you’re searching in Sydney, for example, you want to enter “strata painter Sydney” or “strata painters Sydney”.  Look for the best local contractor, and you’ll have an exterior that stands the test of time.

If you’d like to know more about strata painting for your building, or for a free estimate, feel free to contact us. We’re here to make sure your building s beautiful and that the exterior will last for many years to come.

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