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How to Maintain Your Commercial Painting Job

Commercial painting jobs are unique. They don’t get dirty quite as often as residential paint jobs (you usually don’t have to worry about food stains on the kitchen wall, for example). Consequently, commercial buildings require a particular type of care.

So, now that you’ve invested heavily in sparkling new paint for your offices and warehouses, how do you maintain the colour?

Read on to find out some money-saving secrets.

Start on the Right Foot With a Commercial Painting Job

Maybe this is a no-brainer, but the first and most crucial step of caring for your paint is starting with a paint job that will last.

Hire a professional contractor to go over your commercial space with primer and paint. A reputable brand’s professional paint job will ensure that your paint is applied correctly before any maintenance needs to be done. Contractors will also help you choose the right kind of paint for your space.

Dust Regularly

Surprisingly, dusty walls are a big reason why paint will fade, peel, and crack.

Usually, dusty walls aren’t a problem. Dust your walls once a week to once a month to prevent build-up. Use a microfiber cloth or a soft brush and a vacuum to lift dirt from your walls.

You should also be taking measures to reduce dust build-up in the first place.

Use a Cleaner Afterward

Once you’ve dusted your walls, the next step in commercial paint job maintenance is to use a cleaner to remove oils, mud, or anything else that might be sitting on the surface of your paint.

If you need to buy a new cleaning solution, make sure to test it on a small section of the wall before using it around your entire office. One little spot is much easier (and cheaper) to repaint than a full office.

It’s especially important to clean high traffic areas where grime can quickly build up.

Finally, put up door stoppers, wainscotting, and other preventative measures in place to protect your paint from damage.

Finally, Hire Your Cleaning Out to a Specialty Service

Keeping your commercial paint job in tip-top shape is hard to do without occasional help from a specialist.

Using specialised equipment to clean your walls is the only sure-fire way to get your walls back up to scratch. Schedule power washing for your office’s outsides and air blasting for the inside of your office once or twice a year.

You’re welcome to reach out to us to talk about paint cleaning and touchup. Even if we don’t do what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find someone who does.

Small Pieces of Insurance Ensure Your Peace of Mind

More than anything, the key to maintaining both commercial and residential painting jobs is consistency. Keep up on your dusting and wipe downs, get a commercial cleaning once a year, and repair any damage immediately to prevent spread.

If you’re starting in on this process, reach out to us about any commercial painting job in Sydney. We would love to work with you.

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