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Kids Bedroom Ideas : Unisex Paint Colours

Kids can be fickle and difficult to please at the best of times, so choosing a bedroom paint colour to appease them can be a tricky task. Here’s 3 unisex paint colour ideas that you can use in your child’s bedroom to create an exciting space to meet their ever-changing needs and tastes:

1. Citrus and lemon colours

Citrus or lemon colours can be surprisingly unisex, especially for younger children, and enable a contemporary and funky space to be developed. Light yellow tones can also foster a sense of optimism and positivity which is just what every child needs (within moderation of course!). Add additional darker colour tones to suit and personalise.

2. Soft blues

Softer tones of blue can be equally suitable for both boys and girls. As with most paint colour choices for a child’s bedroom, the key to personalising a space falls largely on the props and décor that accompany the colour. Besides, the soothing nature of blue tones will also help create a sense of relaxation and calmness for those tricky homework assignments!

3. Medium greens

Greens are wonderfully universal and can easily be tailored to meet needs of both boys and girls. Research suggests that greens can actually create conducive learning environments and they are also considered colours (just like blues) that can instil a sense of calmness in a space. An added bonus of using greens is that when children eventually become teens, green tones can still feel appropriate for their changing tastes in ways that blues or yellows may not. Call your local residential painter now!

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