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Prepare a painting budget for strata properties

Painting strata properties can be an expensive process, so it is a good idea to prepare a budget to keep them in good condition. Peeling, faded paint can devalue a property and make the tenants feel neglected. Consult a strata painter for help preparing a painting plan and budget. This will help to keep your strata building in tip top condition inside and out.

Often urgent maintenance comes up that costs a lot of money. A painting budget and plan means you have the funds available when it is time for your professional painters to do the job. Keeping strata properties in top condition adds value and gives people who use the property a good environment.

Strata title painting budgets

Do not let painting a strata property become an unexpected expense. Being prepared will take the stress out of the finances. Working with a professional painter in Sydney gives you the knowledge of costs and help you plan a strategy. What you need depends on the size of the property.

A strata painter will work with you by inspecting the property and give advice. You need to understand the things that affect the overall price. Things like the condition of the current paint job and the surfaces that need painting will dictate the type of paint they will need to use.

Painting budgets save time and money

Slapping a coat of paint on a building, inside and out, when it needs it, can be costly in the long run. Planning painting budgets save time and money. It also keeps tenants and owners in the loop so they understand what is happening ahead of time.

Your painting contractor will give you a quote taking things like property access to the outside into account. Especially for external paint jobs. This will be more relevant depending on the size of the building. High rise buildings, for example, will allow for the cost of scaffolding and safety gear to get the job done. The cost of paint is only a small part of the job.

You need the best product to get the most life out of a new paint job. Once the job is done, schedule your commercial Sydney painter to complete regular maintenance as part of the plan. This saves time and helps minimise long-term costs.

Consult a specialist strata painter

Using a residential painter for a specialist job can be a big mistake. They may not have the experience or knowledge to give you an accurate quote. Residential painters will not understand what painting strata buildings involve.

Experienced commercial painting companies know exactly what you need and will include all costs in a quote. It will also include the time it takes. This helps you plan ahead to avoid deterioration of the building. When you plan and budget for such an essential service, it preserves the life of a building and avoids other expensive emergency costs and repairs.

Want to know more? Call or contact us to talk about how we can help you budget and plan your strata property painting costs.

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