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Repainting Your Store? Consider These Factors Before Deciding On a Colour

Repainting your store might be necessary when the colour is chipping off or when you want to give your store a new look. There are a number of factors one should consider before deciding on the paint colour for your store, which can include things such as your store’s function, the kind of mood you want your store to have among many other things. This article discusses a few of these factors.


Most people don’t realise it but lighting has a way of affecting how a colour looks once it’s painted on the wall. You will have to consider both natural and artificial lighting when choosing the paint colour. Some stores will have light boxes that will help you choose the colour that looks best in both natural and artificial light.


This will depend on the type of products you sell in your store. Different colours can make it attractive for customers to visit your store. If yours is a convenience store, use colours that are welcoming. Restaurants use the colour red as it stimulates one’s appetite. Consider the type of atmosphere that you are looking for in your store and use the colours that bring this out.


It would also be helpful to consider the trends that work with your store type. However, avoid going overboard with trends as the trend you choose may go out of fashion within a few months or years causing you to have to paint your store again.

Furniture and other Fixtures

These should also be taken into account before choosing a paint colour. The colour of these items should work well with the new colour that you wish to have for your store.


This will of course affect how many people will paint your store as well as the amount and quality of paint you will need. If you have a large store with limited budget, you will have to perhaps hire fewer workers and the time frame to complete your repainting might increase. Though not related to colour, the time frame is another important factor to consider. It may affect your business. Regardless of the colour that you choose to repaint your store, you will need a timeframe by which the project should be completed.

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