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Some DIY Painting Tips (That Will Make You Wish You Hired Professional Painters Instead)

When you want to paint your home on your own, there are many DIY tips that you can use to get the job finished. However, by the time you are done, you may just want to hire professional painters instead and take the weekend to go to the Gold Coast.

But if you insist on doing it yourself, here are the steps that the DIY articles and home improvement shows won’t tell you that you need to do in order to get a professional looking paint job:

1. Wash Down the Walls: You may not know this, but your walls have all kinds of residue on them. If you don’t thoroughly wash them down, the paint won’t stick to them and you will have streaks and runs.

2. Buy the Right Primer: Some wall surfaces have to be primed before they are painted, but how do you know? And what kinds of primer would you buy if you did know that needed it? Also, if you paint a lighter colour directly over a darker one it will show through if you don’t have several coats of primer on the old colour.

3. Get Plenty of Edge Pads: Edge pads are what the professional painters at J&E Kogan use so that the paint that is put on the walls doesn’t get on the ceiling while it is being applied. You can’t use a roller with an edge pad, so you will also have to get up on a ladder and use a brush to make sure that the paint colours between the walls and the ceiling are straight.

4. Tape off Door Handles and Wooden Trim: You will need plenty of masking tape to make sure that any sort of wooden trim and hardware fixtures like door handles and ceiling fans don’t get painted over. This is because any sort of painted-over hardware will totally negate the painting improvements that you have tried to accomplish.

5. Make Sure Everything Else Is Covered In Drop Cloths: You will have to buy plenty of drop cloths when you paint because any paint spills on carpeting, furniture or hardwood flooring may not come out. Many people even make the mistake of letting their teenagers paint and then start to regret that decision as soon as the work gets started.

6. Buy Enough Paint To Cover The Walls: You will have to calculate the amount of paint you will need – based on the instructions of the paint that you purchase. It is a wise move to take a calculator with you to the hardware store to make sure that if you buy cheaper paint that you don’t need two or three coats. As well, if you you’re your paints custom-mixed, then you will also have to make sure that you can order more if you run out in the middle of your paint

7. Dispose of the Paint and the Paint Buckets: Check with your local waste authority in Sydney before you throw out half-empty buckets of paint, drop cloths, paint brushes and other painting supplies. This is because they may not take them when they pick up your trash.

As you can see, it is probably better to call someone like the professional painters at J&E Kogan and let them help you pick a colour scheme – along with taking care of the rest of the work that goes along with painting a home. You will not only enjoy the colour scheme for years to come, you will also appreciate the fact that you didn’t have to do it yourself.

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