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The 4 Best Small Business Office Paint Colours to Boost Productivity

Every day, you put strain on your eye muscles by staring at devices like phones, computers, and televisions. However, these devices are necessary for office settings in the digital age.

To give your employees a break from digital eye strain, consider small business office paint colours that can help boost productivity.

What are they and which should you choose? Keep reading to find out.

1. Blue

One of the best small business office paint colours for productivity-boosting is blue, but not just any kind of blue. When hiring professional painting contractors, don’t ask them for the brightest blue paint that they have.

Blue paint, with its vibrancy and tone, can deliver a soothing feeling to your staff according to colour psychology.

Balance is key when choosing a blue shade. Although you want something without dullness, consider a bit of dustiness in the colour blue.

If you do choose something brighter and more intense, consider adding a complementary colour to balance out the room.

For example, if you choose a deep blue, cut the intensity with a lighter or muted grey shade of the same colour.

2. Yellow

Yellow office paint colours can stimulate creativity, but the level of intensity is important. Using pops of bright yellow can keep your staff focused and help them generate new ideas throughout the day.

With intense colours like this, it’s best to use the paint in concentrated areas throughout the space rather than coating the entire wall with the tint.

Use yellow paint as a focal point in the conference room or main office. This way, you won’t overwhelm anyone with colour and instead can spark creativity.

3. Red

Similar to yellow in an office space, red paint is a great colour for productivity but can be very intense.

Commercial painting services can help you choose a red paint that is balanced with brown or great undertones. A bright red can tire out workers during the day, so you’ll want to choose a hue that inspires movement.

Subdued reds and deep reds are great options to combine with oaky or dusty undertones in the office.

4. Green

Another one of the best paint colours for offices is green. Commercial painters will likely have different shades of green for you to choose from.

Green doesn’t cause eye fatigue, which makes it a great colour for offices that require long hours of work. Plus, green is the colour of money which may inspire your employees to continue making profits while in the office.

Interior painters recommend that you avoid fluorescent green paint. Other than that, hue and saturation don’t matter as much with green as other potential office colours.

Don’t forget to balance out your green with complementary colours like soft whites for tranquil spaces and pops of yellow to give employees a jolt of energy.

Small Business Office Paint Colours to Consider

Professional painting services know the effect that colour has on humans and now you do too! If you want to boost productivity in your office, these small business office paint colours are the ones to consider.

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