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The benefits of getting your building repainted by commercial painting contractors

A lot of people don’t realise the power of paint in commercial buildings. Whether it’s an office, a school or a retail premises; tired worn out walls can affect the entire mood and subsequent success of a commercial building. It can be the difference between motivated or unmotivated staff, interested or uninterested tenants, a new client or no client.

A commercial paint job, however, is no easy fete. Whether the building is overwhelmingly large or overwhelmingly busy, it can feel impossible to repaint. That’s where the professional painters step in.

Commercial painting contractors are professional painters who understand the ins and outs of all sorts of commercial buildings. There are many benefits of getting your building repainted by commercial painting contractors, here are our Top 10:

1. They will consult with you in order the understand the most convenient times to paint with minimal disruption to the tenants.

2. They will work at odd hours, holidays or weekends to stay out the way of students or staff.

3. They use specific safe indoor paints that can be used with people present.

4. They will use specific safe outdoor paints that can withstand the wear and tare of your commercial operations (or just the ever-changing weather outside).

5. They will be fast and flexible in order to get the job done.

6. They will help you pick colours that accurately reflect your brand or simply maximise the appeal of the building to a targeted audience.

7. They will provide the most cost-efficient refurbishment you can get without a full renovation.

8. They are equipped to take on larger scale jobs, with special gadgets and gizmos to reach all corners and heights.

9. They will do a thorough pack down and clean up when they are finished.

10. They will inject new life into your commercial building; not only revitalising the aesthetics and profitability from the outside, but positively influencing  the culture and behaviour on the inside.

If you have a commercial building that is in need of a new look this year, contact J&E Kogan’s commercial painters. We have been working with commercial and industrial clients for over 40 years and have extensive experience and knowledge to complete the task on time, on budget, and beyond expectation. No job is too big or too small; Simply fill in the contact form or get competitive quote today.


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