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The Best Colours To Choose When Painting Your Restaurant

Painting your interior can be a daunting task if you are not good at coordinating colours, or are not sure of which colours work best with other fixtures in your interior. With the home, it can always be worked out by using a colour wheel, but what about a restaurant? What makes painting a restaurant’s interior different from painting that of your home is that the colours have a way of impacting the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as the appetite of the patrons.

If you choose the “wrong” colours for your restaurant, people might not enjoy being there for their meal, while the “right” colours might lighten their mood as well as stimulate their appetite. This is all according to the psychology of colour, – how colour affects your mood as well as how colours trigger certain emotions. In a restaurant, it would be ideal to use colours that will stimulate people’s taste buds and make them want to come back for more.


It has been agreed that red is the best colour to use in a restaurant. Though most people associate the colour red with danger, when used in moderate hues the colour can stimulate your appetite and make you eat more. It would be good to incorporate shades of red in your restaurants interior as well as the exterior.


The colour green is very serene and will add an atmosphere of calm to your restaurant. You can incorporate the colour together with others in the same family for a complete look. This colour is also suitable for restaurants that are organic based.


This colour can be used almost everywhere. It can be a bit harsh to use pure white on your restaurant’s interior so one should consider using other colours together with white, such as red, green, brown and others that coordinate well with the white.
Apart from these recommended colours, here are some that you would want to avoid using in your restaurant.


This bright colour has been shown to increase irritability in a person, making them want to leave the room as soon as they are done with whatever they were doing there. If you wish to use this colour, only use it in small quantities and hues. Some restaurants paint their walls yellow in order to make the customers leave immediately after finishing their meals so as to free up space for other clients.


This colour is great, but not for a restaurant because it has been shown to decrease one’s appetite. This is because the colour is mostly associated with toxins.

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