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The Best Colours To Use When Painting Your Child’s Room

Painting your child’s room is similar to painting other rooms in your home. A few things to consider include the kind of atmosphere you would like to create in your child’s room as well as the kind of moods the colours might elicit in the child. Some of the best colours to use in your child’s room are discussed in this article.

The colour red elicits positive emotions in both children and adults. In adults, for example, the colour is said to increase one’s appetite. When used in a child’s room, it can elicit feelings of being energised as well as excited. However, too much of it can cause an already aggressive child to become even more so. It should therefore be used as an accent and not from wall to wall.


This bright colour is often associated with cheerfulness and feelings of happiness. When used in a child’s room, it boosts concentration and memory as well as motivation. The colour should be used in softer tones. Brighter tones may do the opposite and irritate the child.


This is a great colour for use in a child’s room. It has been shown to increase confidence, independence and extroversion. Children with a tendency to shyness might benefit from having their room painted in different accents of orange. This colour puts children at ease making it easier for them to communicate.


This is also a very good colour to use in a child’s room. This natural colour has been known to reduce anxiety in a child. It is said to help in promoting a child’s comprehension and reading speed.


This royal colour can be used as an accent in your child’s room. It is considered to evoke feelings of ambition and self assuredness. It also emphasises passion, spirituality, creativity and wisdom. It is great for use in inspiring compassion and sensitivity in children. It is best used in undertones.


This colour is mostly associated with girls, but it can be used in boy’s rooms as well. It has a calming effect on children’s emotions. The main problem with using this colour is that they tend to grow out of it very quickly. It should therefore be paired with other colours or other fun items like artwork.

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