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The process of painting strata buildings and what it takes

Painting strata buildings is one of the most expensive maintenance costs a body corporate undertakes. While a building is painted as part of the construction stage, it needs regular updating and maintenance.

Strata managers need to take a lot of things into account. They need to hire a strata painter to help get the job done.

Importance of maintaining paint work

You may not feel the fading or peeling paint does not nee updating, but it can make the building look shabby and worn. Maintaining the paint work does more than make a building look aesthetically pleasing.

Get a strata painter out to have a look at the job. They will soon tell you whether it needs painting or if the paintwork needs cleaning. Deferring painting a building means exposure to the weather can cause more problems. This will corrode the substrate if you do not keep the paint up to the building. With a good paint job, buildings become easy to maintain. You can wash them down on a regular basis, which helps to keep it in good condition. Doing this will make the life of a paint job last longer.

Know what you need from professional painters

Professional painting companies will know what you need. But before you call for tenders, inspect the building along with the body corporate committee. Write down the problems and things that need addressing. Draw up a scope of works to put out to tender. By doing this you will know exactly what painting contractors are quoting on.

Calling for tenders

Once you understand what the building needs, prepare a specification for the job. When this is complete advertise the job for tender to receive quotes from painters in Sydney and surrounding areas. You want at least three quotes so you can compare prices. Check out the companies quoting to make sure they have a good reputation for their work. You also want to know whether they have the capacity to do the job.

If you have timeline in mind, include it in the scope of works. This way strata painters know the schedule and everyone is working towards the same goal.

Comparing quotes

Quotes may vary, even when you have a specification for the job. This can make quotes hard to compare. Some strata painters may include things you forgot to consider. Others may include additional areas as options. This is time consuming and you may need the help of a painting consultant on behalf of the body corporate. They will provide a detailed breakdown of what you can expect to pay. Once you narrow down the quote, talk to the professional painters to find out how they will approach the job.

Get body corporate approval

Make sure you get approval to go ahead from the body corporate. You will also need this if you plan to change the colour scheme from the current paint colours. You need final approval on the costs before awarding the job to the painting contractor.

A lot of work goes into hiring the best strata painter. After all, it is a big job. You want to get it right as there is a high cost involved and the paint job needs to last a long time.

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