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Three Things to do to Prepare for the Arrival of Our Painters

There are 3 things that you can to do to prepare for the arrival of our painters to make sure that you get the best paint job possible in the quickest amount of time. Think about it this way: when you hire professional painters from J& E Kogan to improve your home, they get to work right away to paint your home as soon as they get there.

You are probably a very busy person yourself. However, you still have to take some time to make sure that the painters from J&E Kogan have the opportunity to do the best job possible when they are in your home. That being said, here is a list of the three things that you can do in order to get your home painted more efficiently:

1. Be at home when the painters arrive. This way, you can show the painters around and finalize exactly what rooms you want to be painted and also what concerns you may have about your home improvement project. If you are at home to welcome the painters from J&E Kogan, they can provide you feedback and do a better job. Being at home when our painters arrive is a great way to start the job right and will make your paint job go much more smoothly.

2. Next, it is important to point out any wall hangings or wall hooks you no longer need. J&E Kogan take incredible pride in their work so they include the patching of walls/doors as they prep  for painting. The end result is a clean and clear beautifully painted surface.

3. Identify any furniture pieces you do NOT want moved. J&E Kogan provide a hassle free, full-service process so you don’t need to lift a finger! They move and cover all furniture and valuables whilst painting, returning all items back to their original spot once the paint is dry. If there are some delicate items you would prefer not to be moved the J&E Kogan team can work around the items to give you peace of mind.

Whenever you hire painters, you want to relax and enjoy the new paint colours that will make your home beautiful. Getting ready for the painters from J & E Kogan is the best way to get the most out of your investment.

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