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Tips for Getting the Most Reliable Painting Quote

One of the last things you want to encounter with a painting job is unexpected expenses.  It’s best to know, from the beginning, what you’ll have to pay to make it happen, about how long the job should go on, and what materials will be necessary to make it work.  This all comes down to getting a solid quote – – and making sure your painting contractor has all the information they need to give you that quote.

In addition to giving you a solid understanding of your out of pocket expenses, this will help you to shop around to find the right contractor for you.  The best painting contractors will know what to ask so that they can give you a solid estimate.  If you know what information is involved, you’ll be able to assess the experience of the contractor to make the right choice for your home or property.

So, without further ado, here are the details you should have on hand:

1. What’s the area involved in the job?

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s the first essential detail in getting a reliable quote.  Measure out the space to be painted.  Get an idea of the square footage necessary.  Naturally, there are a few elements involved.  Consider the floor space and the area of the walls.  Make sure to take windows and doors into account.  Another important factor is whether the job is for the interior, exterior, or both.  Different paints are required for interior and exterior jobs, and you’ll be working with different textures.

2. Consider the current state of the walls

Are you repainting your walls the same color?  Is the previous coat of paint cracked or peeling?  Are you switching from a rough to a smooth texture?  These factors determine how many coats of paint will be required.  More coats of paint mean higher material costs and more man hours to get the job done.  Remember that if you’re changing the color of the room, especially if you want to lighten the color, it may take a few extra coats to get the finish you want.  Professional painters will lead you through the process, but it helps to know the details beforehand, as important details might not be apparent until the contractor is on the job.

3. What furniture and fixtures are involved?

When fixtures are involved, they require a bit more work.  Especially factor in wall mounted fixtures.  Let the residential painter know what fixtures are in the rooms that need to be painted, and whether they should be removed or painted themselves.  Also take into account any furniture that may need to be moved to get the job done.  Painting contractors might charge extra for this sort of prep work, so find out if you should prepare the room yourself, or if you’re comfortable with the cost.  This will also give the contractor a better idea of the time frame involved.

4. What’s the time frame?

Aside from material costs, time frame is the other most essential element for providing a reliable quote.  Some jobs are charged in a lump sum, while others are charged by the hour.  Consider the amount of time that the job is likely to take.  Don’t forget to factor in the extras, like fixtures, furniture, and rubbish removal.  Also consider any repairs that might be involved.  If extras are unaccounted for, an hourly job can become more expensive than you expect.  Once you have a clear idea of the projected time frame, you’ll be able to decide whether lump sum or hourly is best for you, and you’re less likely to encounter unpleasant surprises.

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