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Top 2021 Strata Painting Trends You Should Know About

Colour psychology shows that people’s perception of objects can change drastically depending on the colours it displays. Of course, this plays a role in terms of building paint palettes. There’s also some research that says certain patterns can also alter how someone might perceive an object.

So, just how much of a difference can a painting service make? Well, strata painting, also known as a full re-haul of the exterior and interior paint for a property, is actually more important than many might think. This is true whether it’s for residential or commercial painting.

As the science behind colour psychology evolves, so too do the painting trends used for different properties. You might consider keeping up with these changes. If you’re interested in the latest painting trends, consider reading ahead.

Popular Exterior Painting Trends

A property’s exterior is its first impression for visitors, passersby, and especially potential home buyers. If presentation is important to you, than you’ll want to have an engaging and interesting colour palette and pattern. Softer exterior tones are making the rounds as of late, and simplistic patterns are also quite popular.


For residential properties, many are turning to creamy whites and greys. When mixing for off-whites, the alternate colours aren’t as important. Most combinations fit the bill. When opting for shades of grey, however, you’ll want to pick undertones that are either green or a darker brown.

A close runner-up is to use black as the main colour with an accent made up of a lighter shade of brown. This alternative isn’t as popular, but it’s still trending. All of these combinations for exterior presentation are soft on the eyes and feel welcoming.


Things remain quite simple in terms of patterns for the exterior. Current trends point to, when possible, a brick pattern or a flat and sleek design.

Interior Painting Trends In High Demand

Residential painting companies are anticipating calls from homeowners looking for a stark contrast between exterior and interior colouration for strata painting jobs. Specifically, they’re running into requests for an interior that matches, in no way whatsoever, the exterior paint job.


Interior painting trends point towards clay paint colours on the walls. These include warm earthy hues, like softer dark reds and deep brown. Funnily enough, many are asking commercial painting services to paint high-contrast ceilings. The combination of calmer colours on the walls with a palette that jumps out at you on the ceiling is quite interesting.

Finally, the painting trends for bedrooms involve darker hues with very little contrast, besides the ceiling of course. 


For trending patterns, you’ll want to opt for wall panelling in bathrooms and utility rooms, and flat walls for the rest of the house or building.


An easy way to picture the latest painting trends in your mind is to imagine the exact opposite of the stacked houses on the winding roads of San Francisco. Calm, warm, and relaxing hues are in, and wider ranges of colours are out. The exterior should have an off-white primary or the combination of a darker alternative with a contrasting colour. Luckily, the patters that are popular right now are quite simplistic in nature; it’s less of a hassle to keep up with trends at the moment.

Reach out if you’re excited and ready to keep up with the latest painting trends. We’re always at the ready, brush in hand, to bring life back to your interior and exterior paint jobs.

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