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Top Factors to Consider When Painting in Winter

Are you thinking about painting in winter?

When you paint, you need to take the weather into consideration. Most people prefer painting in the summer and early fall. This is because summer and fall see smaller amounts of precipitation. These seasons also have more comfortable weather for staying outdoors.

But sometimes, people need to paint in winter due to a move or another extenuating circumstance. Below, we’ll go into the top factors you should consider when painting during the winter. Keep reading to learn more and get the best result!

Understand the Effects of Cold Weather on Paint

As the temperatures drop, your paint gets affected. In fact, it doesn’t even need to get below freezing to make paint application harder.

Once the temperature dips below 10 degrees Celsius, alkyd and oil-based paints thicken. This makes them harder to apply in an even manner. If the temperatures go below 0, water-based paints can freeze.

Most paints are made to dry within a certain temperature range. If you apply paint when it’s too cold, you might have trouble getting it dry in the proper manner. This can lead to improper coverage of the area as well as peeling, cracking, and other problems.

Don’t Use the Same Paint You Used in the Summer

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the paint they used in the summer will work well in the colder months. This isn’t true.

Because of the weather, you need paint suited to the cold. Paint manufacturers have developed paint that works better in the winter months. So, you should talk to a painting contractor about the different options available to you.

Check the Weather

Painting your house in the winter requires a bit more planning than usual. You shouldn’t paint if there’s a chance of precipitation as this makes it harder for the paint to dry.

You should also make sure anyone working on your home has the proper clothing. Cold weather increases your risk of frostbite, especially if you spend a lot of time in it. We highly recommend not painting your house yourself during the winter.

Hire a Contracting Team

Contractor teams come with the best equipment for painting a house when it’s cold outside. As such, they can get it done faster, minimizing the time everyone has to spend in the cold.

They’ll also use materials that are best suited for painting in winter. You’ll get a better paint job as a result!

Ready to Start Painting in Winter?

Now that you’ve read this guide on painting in winter, you’re ready to get your house done.

If you need winter painting, we’re here to help. Our team of professional contractors will come out to your home or commercial building. We then paint according to your needs and requests. 

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