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Top Tips for Spring House Painting

Springtime has come around again, and this is the best time for getting on to those home improvements that you’ve been holding off on during the chillier months.  Spring cleaning might be your first move, clearing out the junk that’s collected over the last months – or years.  But no matter how much cleaning you do, if your paint job is dingy or peeling, your home will still look a bit tired and run down.  The good thing is that spring is the best time of the year to tend to your home’s exterior and add a bit of a boost to your curb appeal, or even to open the windows, get the music going, and brighten up the interior walls.  So, if you’ve been waiting out the winter to jump on your next house painting project, here are some tips from your local residential painters to smooth the process and make sure you’ll be happy with it for years to come.

The first step to any successful project is proper preparation.  And you might think, oh, that’s easy.  Lay some cloths, crack the cans, and slap it on, right?  Sure, that’s get the job done.  But it might not leave you with highest quality paint job.  There are a few other things you might want to take into consideration first.  So, before you get out the rollers and pop open the cans, here are a few things to look into:

1. Check the weather.

Obviously it’s best to plan your painting party when you won’t have to worry about a heavy storm blowing through.  But another thing that you might not have considered is the temperature.  This is especially important for exterior jobs where you’re at the mercy of the elements.  The ideal conditions are warm and dry.  This helps to keep your paint smooth and consistent, from can to surface.  Plus, it helps to make sure that the coats you apply will dry smoothly and evenly.  And, if you paint when it’s melting hot outside, especially when the sun is beating down on your surface, the pain my dry too quickly and “lap.”  Some paints are specially formulated to work with lower temperatures, but for most, you’ll want to look for temperatures from 10 – 25 degrees.

2. Work with a clean surface.

This is one of the places where most people make a mistake, and for big jobs, it’s one of the best reasons to use a professional Sydney residential painter.  Even if you use the highest quality of paint and apply it in ideal conditions, you’re going to have problems if you paint over a surface tainted with mildew or grime.  Plus, if your existing coat is blistering or peeling, you’re asking for problems.  You’ll have the same issues with the new coat in no time flat.  So, make sure that you clean your surface thoroughly before beginning.  Eliminate any dirt, grime, build-up, or mildew with a high-quality, commercial grade cleaner.  Seal any cracks and remove peeling or blistering paint.  And, if you’re doing an exterior job, it’s more than worth it to rent a power washer to clean your walls properly before you begin.

3. Pay attention to your paint quality and how it’s prepared.

It goes without saying that you get what you pay for.  And, like everything, not all paints are created equal.  So, try to avoid the temptation to save a few bucks a can by buying the cheapest brand you can.  The money you save now is all too likely to translate to another paint job in the next year or so.  And this is exactly what you want to avoid.  Quality painting contractors will ensure that your paint job will last several years, even up to a decade.  If you go the DIY route, make sure that you use the quality materials you need to make sure that it’s worth the time you put in.

Pro tip: Not every can of paint will be the exact same shade.  Here’s how to get around this.  First, have your local hardware and paint store mix each can to your specifications.  Next, after you get back home, pour all the cans together in a bucket.  Mix well, and then pour the thoroughly mixed paint back into the cans.  This will give you an even color for the entire exterior of your home.

For more tips, or if you want to cut out the hassle and get a guaranteed job from professionals, feel free to contact us.  At J&E Kogan, we have more than 45 years of experience and we’re dedicated to providing you a high-quality paint job at a reasonable price.

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