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What are the Benefits of Strata Painting?

No matter what business you’re in, image speaks volumes.  When clients roll up to your business, you want them to see a professional building, well-kept and pleasing to the eye.  This creates trust.  It’s an essential for legitimising your business.  It creates a positive impact on the customer.  Simply put, a professional paint job can mean the difference between a customer ready to buy what you have to sell and a lost sale.

So, how does strata painting fit in here?

First, strata painting isn’t just your basic commercial painting.  It is specifically focused on large buildings and it makes sure that every inch of your structure is handled with professional care.  Quality strata painting helps professional businesses present an exterior that shows the quality of the goods and services they provide.  And, while any commercial painter can manage one or two stories, it takes an experienced and qualified strata painter to handle multiple stories, scaffolding, and the numerous other details involved.  Not to mention the aftercare needed to make sure your paint job lasts as long as possible.

What does strata painting involve?

Strata painting companies will first evaluate your property.  Then, they’ll divide it into subdivisions and assign teams to each section or story.  A thorough job includes in-depth concrete repairs, pressure washing, stain and graffiti removal, painting, stain prevention, coating and waterproof maintenance, aftercare, and retouching.

Strata painting isn’t like other commercial painting.  It involves deep cleaning, scheduled maintenance, and aftercare, among other things.  The extent and height of the job alone require strata painters to have more experience and qualifications than regular commercial painters.

So, with all this involved, what is the benefit of strata painting after all?

1. Your paint job will last longer.

While the price of a professional strata painting job might seem imposing, longevity more than makes up for it.  Strata painting begins with deep cleaning.  All of the dust, grime, and dirt is stripped away before the job begins.  After the painting is done, it’s sealed with waterproof filming and other coatings.  This helps to defend your paint job against UV rays and water damage, keeping your exterior looking fresh and new for far longer.

2. You’ll save money and time.

Would you rather have a one-time investment, or repeat painting and maintenance costs each couple of years?  While no paint job lasts forever, a proper strata painting job will last for years longer than any commercial painting job.  Plus, professional strata painters will include aftercare and maintenance in their package.  The upshot?  Less time spent on repairs, touch-ups, and repainting.  Less money spent overall.

3. Top to Bottom Treatment

Commercial painters are often limited to certain areas of the building.  However, strata painters will clean, paint, treat, and maintain every inch of your building.  They will reach every point from the highest to the lowest.  This means scaffolding and other professional equipment.  When you have a large building with multiple stories, there’s no other way to go for a thorough and professional job.

4. How about asbestos and lead?

When you’re dealing with asbestos and lead based paint, there are special considerations.  They can’t be handled just like any other job.  Professional strata painters are specially trained and know how to handle these challenges.  This is crucial, as both asbestos and lead can be harmful if they aren’t handled properly.  This is especially important in the case of older buildings.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like a free consultation.  At J&E Kogan, we have the knowledge, experience, and qualifications to make sure your building gets the attention it needs, down to the last detail.

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