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What paint colours should you use to create a productive office space

Research observing the value of choosing the correct colour for a dynamic working environment has grown significantly in recent times. Moreover, an increasing number of Australians now work from home in some capacity and the home office has become a common feature of many residential properties too. Here’s 3 colours that will help you create a professional and productive working space:

1. Blues
For those that work in stressful office environments, it has been suggested that blue can be a colour that instils a sense of calm and tranquillity. However, getting the tone right is not so straightforward. In home environments lighter blues are possibly better options as opposed to commercial office spaces that permit more vibrant blues instead.

2. Yellows
It has been recommended that yellows can generate a sense of optimism and positivity in a working environment and so naturally it can be an excellent range of colours to choose from. Lighter yellows are also popular contemporary tones for residential homes so can even contribute to value increases as a bonus.

3. Oranges
Orange may seem like a surprising choice for most but it’s considered to be a colour that can foster a sense of enthusiasm and can also promote both creativity and productivity. Naturally, orange can be a colour that is quite specific to taste and may not be right for all residential properties.

However, for professional environments it could be just the thing you need – call a commercial painter today and watch that creative energy flow!

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