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Why is Strata Painting so Important?

Anyone who runs a business knows how important it is to look professional.  You need your clients to be able to trust you, to know that you are capable and can come through for them.  That’s what strata painting is all about.

For many businesses, the building is the first thing that the client will see.  It will give them a feel for the company.  If your building is well-maintained, you come off as a solid, dependable company that can do what the client needs done.  You have a positive impact on your customers without having to say a word.  On the other hand, when things start to slip a little bit, maybe the paint’s peeling or the walls have gotten faded and grimy, that causes the customer to hesitate.  And you never get a second chance at a first impression.

The appearance of your exterior sends an early and powerful message to your clients.  So, when you invest in strata painters to improve the physical appearance of your property, you see the return in your bottom line.

If you’re just dealing with one or a few buildings of medium size, then you may just be after a commercial painter.  However, if you have a number of professional buildings to deal with quickly, or if your building is very large, strata painting is ideal for your needs.  Strata painters go over every inch of the exterior, full height and comprehensive.  Most large jobs, such as educational sectors, malls and retail shops, commercial offices and government sectors will be done by strata painters, since they can handle the size of the job without sacrificing quality.  Professional strata painters maintain their responsibility to the job after the project is over as well.  They provide the highest standards of service and aftercare.

Strata painters do much more in-depth work than other forms of commercial painting.  It will often include graffiti and stain removal, concrete repairs, high-pressure washing, coating and waterproof maintenance, and stain prevention, as well as retouches and aftercare preservation.  You also get deep cleaning and scheduled maintenance, making sure that the paint job will last in good condition for as long as possible.

A good strata painter will do a job that lasts longer and is more resistant to UV rays, water damage, and the effects of storm and rain.  It may seem like an investment at the outset, but a strata painting job will save you money in the long run, and increased curb appeal can increase the flow of customers as well.  It’s an excellent way to give your property a complete makeover, from the highest point to the deepest corner.

To find out more about strata painting, or to discuss the specifics of your next paint project, feel free to contact us.  At J&E Kogan, Sydney painting experts, we’ve got you covered.

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